5 Crazy Promotions in Poker History

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All Promotions Going Beyond Spending Money On Building A Brand It Pays Too Much Over-The-Top, Quirky, Greedy And Tempting To The Point That Online Poker Sites Do Whatever It Takes To Attract New Players.

Let’s Take A Closer Look At The Promotions And Campaigns That Are The Weirdest, The Craziest, Or The Unbelievable. How Many Online Poker Sites Have Been Using For Years?

1. Someone Is Trying To Get A Monkey To Compete In The Main Event.

It Sounds Like A Joke. But There Was Someone Who Was 100% Determined. To Take The Monkey To A Main Event In 2006. That Guy Was Poker share And That Monkey Was UFABET Named Mikey.

A Guy At Pokershare (Which Is Now Discontinued. I Don’t Know Why) Teach Mikey Basic Skills Like Goolin And Sit At A Table.

Surprisingly, There Were Uprisings From Many Players Who Didn’t Want To Go Bankrupt Because Of The Monkeys. (If There’s A Crazy All-In Playing Badly It’s Not The Best Thing, Is It?)

But The Funniest Part Is The Monkey Wasn’t Allowed To Play

WSOP. Searched The Manual Until I Found It. Only Humans Are Allowed To Play.

So Don’t Be Fooled. Are You Going To Bring The Cat To The Race Next Year?

2.WSOP Really Shoots Money In The Air

This One Is Relatively New. In 2014, The WSOP Used Air Cannons To Shoot Money Into The Amazon Room
, To Be Exact, Shot All The Money. “In The Tens Of Thousands” And It Is Denominated In Dollars.

It’s A Weird Promotion Compared To The Wealthy Customers Of The Rio Hotel (Las Vegas, That Year’s Event Venue), Who Weren’t Thrilled Or Wowed By The Idea Of ​​Hoarding $3 On The Floor.

3. Play Poker And Win Might Get Mike Tyson’s House.

This Is So Weird

British Self-Made Millionaire Dominic Marocco Bought Mike Tyson’s House For $4 Million In 2004 And Decided To Make It A Prize In Freerolls With Everyone. Including Mike Tyson Himself

, Marocco Plans A Reality Show About The House. Hundreds Of Players Will Participate In The Filming At The Mansion.

The Matches Are Eliminated Until Two Players Are Left, Who Will Travel To The Mansion To Face Marocko And Tyson In A Four-Person Table.

The Winner Gets A Home. As For Marco, He Just Kept The House The Same. As For Mike Tyson’s Case, He’ll Get His Home Back.

No One Mentioned Whether The Show Was A Success Or Not. And No One Has Ever Seen One.

However, Mike Tyson Actually Competed In Ante Up For Africa In 2009.

4.Swank Poker Uses Sex With Poker.

They Actually Sell Sex. But It’s Not Good Enough.

Swank Poker Is A Very Short-Lived Site. Created By Taking Frequent Play Points In Exchange For Sex Or Sex Products

The Most Expensive One Is Being A Director And An AV Actress With 1 Swank Girls

And Here Is A Brief List . What You Can Redeem With Swank Poker Points –

4,000 Pts Of Condoms A Year
– 1000 Minutes Of Free Movies Online 4,500 Pts
– One Night At The “Babylon Nightclub” Vienna, Austria 75,000 Pts
– 1 Year VIP Membership. At “Greendor Sex Club” Las Vegas 80,000 Points
– 1 Hardcore Scene With The Swank Girl You Directed 100,000 Points

Never Heard Of Anyone Scoring Enough Points. Exchange Something Hard To Keep Score The Less People Access The Website, The More Difficult It Becomes.

But I Doubt That Will Anyone Dare To Tell Others? Do You Play At A Website Like This?

5. Party Poker Gives Paris Hilton $200,000 Free

Paris Hilton Burst Into Flames In The Mid-2000s And Made Headlines In So Many Books. Simply Put, All The Media At The Time Were Eyeing Her.

She’s Also A (Little) Devoted Poker Player, And Rumor Has It That She Lost A $200,000 Bentley In A Poker Game

, Right? It’s A Little Strange, Because Normally Poker Players Don’t Bet On Their Cars. (Not A Movie

Anyway, Party Poker Has Offered Hilton A Freeroll . If She Wins, She’ll Get Her Bentley Back (What’s That Rumor) If She Can Beat Mike Sexton In Person,

But As Far As We Know? This Battle It Never Happened. (Oh!) To Be Honest

, Hilton Wasn’t Quite Into The World Of Poker,

Like When Clonie Gowen Challenged Her To A $100,000 Face-To-Face Challenge.
Although She Has Been Invited And Competed In WPT And She Has Only Competed In A Few Guest Tournaments.