8 important days that changed history online poker

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The Start Of Online Poker Is Actually Just A Small Point. That Almost No One Even Noticed. There Are Only 1-2 Websites That Offer Real Money Online Play. At That Time, No One Ever Thought That Poker Would Peak. Until There Are Hundreds Of Money Millions Of Swirls In The System Are Normal Now. There Are Many Stories In The History Of Online Poker. But Most Importantly What Made It To This UFABET Point Is The 8 Days That We Are Going To Tell You About The Following, Let’s Read.

8 important days that changed history online poker

1998 – 1 January The Birth Of The Online Poker Table.

The Table That Is Said To Be Seen As A Table As A Table Cards Are The Cards That We Play. Together In The Present Because Before It’s A Long Line Of Letters That Looks Dizzying. If They’re Serious, They’ll Have To Sit And Stare At The Screen Until Their Eyes Pop Out Of Their Sockets (IRC Chat Room, 1994).

The First Website To Create A Table Was Planet Poker, Which Really Took Off. The Program Has Been Tested Since 1997, But Decided To Launch It In 1998 (Hence The 1st) And Although In 1999 There Was Another Developer (Paradise Poker) Playing Three Poker. Like And Beat Planet Poker, Planet Poker Is Still A Turning Point In The History Of The Online World.

2001 – Birth Of Partypoker And PokerStars

If There Was An Award For The Most Important Year In Online Poker, It Would Not Be 2001, Because Two Giants Pokerstars And Partypoker Were Born And Brought In Countless Players Into The Industry. Quite Big

In The 15 Years That Followed, Pokerstars Ruled The Market, But Partypoker Followed In 2002-2006 With The Poker Boom. At That Time, The Amount Of Money Spinning In Partypoker Was Up To $1 Million Per Day.

By Advertising And Understanding The Power Of Tournaments, Partypoker Dominates The Market With Tournaments That Guarantee A Total Prize Pool Of $1 Million.

2003 – Chris Moneymaker Wins The WSOP Main Event.

It Wasn’t Just Because This Guy Had A Pretty Name That Made The Poker Boom. (Name Of The Money Maker Cool, Right?) But Because The Origin Of This Legend Started From Qualifying Tournaments That Started From Only $40 (About 1,500 Baht)

An Unknown Account Applied Through The First, Second, Third Round, Reaching The Final Of The WSOP Main Event, Winning A Well-Known Veteran With A $2.5m Prize Pool.

Oh Wow, How Cool Would That Be? Everyone Was Stunned, Their Mouths Agape. Before Telling Myself If This Guy Can Do It We Probably Can

And Most Importantly, The $40 That Started The Qualifiers Here. Coming From Online Poker, This Kind Of Thing Has Never Happened Before. As A Result Of The Dam Breaking, The Flood Of People At The WSOP Went From 839 In 2003 To 5,619 In 2005.

When The Trend Came, The Online Poker Players Were Enjoying Themselves. Including Many Players Who Turn To Seriously Devote Themselves To Improving Their Skills. It Can Be Said That It Is A Very Active Period Of The Industry. Including The Economy In The Industry That Has Prospered For Decades Before The Lightning Thrust In To Extract Glory Which Will Be Discussed In The Next Paragraph

2006 – UIGEA, The Government Policy Came Out To Attack The Industry.

When The State Intervenes When There Is A Nemesis Not Just In Our Country (Not Related To Politics During This Period) ‘Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act’ (UIGEA), A Law That States That Transactions Related To Online Gambling Are Illegal. Let’s Play With Each Other Crazy Because It Comes Out At The Last Second When The New Law Is Amended.

This Incident Has Led Many Strays To Flee The United States Along The Way, Despite Being A Giant Like Partygaming. 

But PokerStars Stayed And Welcomed The State Scrutiny. And Because Of This, Pokerstars Was Unbeatable In Terms Of Both Profitability And Number Of Players. (There Was No Casino In Pokerstars Back Then.)

Unfortunately, Partygaming Let Go Of This Golden Opportunity, Allowing Pokerstars To Hold Onto The Market As Big As It Is Today.

2007-2008 – The First Online Poker Fraud

Absolute Poker Was The First To “Lose” From Heavy Fraud. (In A Small Part, There Are Probably Many Others.) The Story Came Out In 2007 That One Employee Has Developed A Program That Makes It Possible To See The Cards In The Opposing Player’s Hand. And Use It To Play High Stakes Rooms

In Addition To Disappointing The Players. It Also Allows For Aggregation, Data Gathering And Evidence From Recurring Patterns And, Of Course, Submission Into This System Of Cheating Has Made A Huge Impact. With The Popularity Of The People Towards Online Poker At That Time. Causing The Reputation To Spread Even More Than A Raging Fire, While Absolute Poker Could Only Look At The Bad Reputation And The Good That Had Been Done Gradually To Perish.

Despite The Scandalous Reputation Of This Industry. But A Year Later, Ultimate Bet Was Almost Repeating The Same Movie. When Employees Disclose Information That Can View Other People’s Cards Through The Backyard Program. After That, There Was No Need To Tell How Much Chaos It Was.

2009 – December Brian Hastings Wins $4.1 Million From Isildur1 In A Single Round.

Back Then, Full Tilt And PokerStars Were The Two Giants That Saw The Rush. Of The High Stakes Room This Gave Rise To The Legendary Player Isildur1 (Viktor Blom). The Arrival Of This Swedish Destroyer Opened A New Chapter In Poker. That Was A Pro Slash With Millions Of Dollars At Stake. After Isildur1 Enjoyed Slashing Tom Dwan (If I’m Not Mistaken, $4 Million), He Became A Legendary Star. But This New Face Ended With A Notorious Aura At The End Of 2009. 

After Isildur1’S Crushing Defeat To Brian Hastings, The Rot Is Revealed…

Hastings Teamed Up With Brian Townsend And Cole South To Acquire Isildur1, All Digging Up Isildur1’S Gameplay Data For Analysis, Looking At The Pattern, Which Was Against The Rules (Although There Were Companies Selling That Data). It Makes People Think That World-Class Professionals Do Not Have Much Honor And Dignity.

2011: Black Friday

April 15, 2011 The World Of Online Poker Has Collapsed Again. By Arresting US Department Of Justice Domain Names (PokerStars, Full Tilt And Absolute Poker). 

Full Tilt Fell As Soon As The Story Said. Rocking Player Money Causing The Account To Be Frozen Immediately Fortunately, Pokerstars Later Repurchased And Refunded All Players.

Full Tilt Owners Ray Bitar, Rafe Furst, Howard Lederer And Chris Fergusonall Have To Explain Why All Of A Sudden. Where Did The Millions Go? In The End, The Company Was Sued For Chain Sharing. And Scam Players Up To 300 Million Dollars.

PokerStars Had To Pay A $1 Billion Fine In Order To Operate Outside The US. And Successfully Passed The Money In The UIGEA Rules

July 12, 2014: Amaya Buys Rational Group, Owner Of PokerStars And Full Tilt, For $4,900 Million.

In 2014, PokerStars Began To Act Rickety. Businessman David Baazov Made A $4.9 Billion Takeover Bid To Put Pokerstars On The Stock Exchange. Which Is The Largest In The Industry

While There Are Major Changes To Pokerstars (Which I Was At The Same Time), The Whole New Tournament System. Increased Table Fees A Changed VIP System, Collected Points, And All The Goodies That Some Players Throw At Them. Disappeared Immediately At The End Of The Year (Some People Still Have Points That Bloom And Don’t Use It For Sure) Even Through Takeover And Other Problems. As Well As The Murmurings Of The Red Star Followers, Pokerstars Is Still Surging To Be The Star And Giant Of The Poker World Today.

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