Chicken Badge unlocks the nest beats Austria 2-0 to escape the group plum

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France were stunned when they defeated Austria 2-0 with Kylian Mbappe and Olivier Giroud helping each other out. Moved from the last place up to 3rd place in Group 1 UEFA Nations League 2022-2023 League A

The UEFA Nations League 2022-2023 Football League A Group 1 matchday 5 on Thursday. At the Stade  de France is a meeting between. The French national team the old champion have played 4 matches have not won any team, 2 draws, 2 losses with 2 points, ranks in the last place of the table. Open house to meet. The Austrian national team, who won 1, drew 1, lost 2, has 4 points, ranks 3rd in the table.

Chicken Badge unlocks the nest beats Austria 2-0 to escape the group plum

GOAL 56 minutes Chicken badge has a goal to lead 1-0. Picture of the game in the first half as the host attacked hard. There is a chance to win 15 goals in the frame 4 times. But the last stroke is not sharp enough. Making it still unable to do anything for the visiting team. But in the second half the effort came to fruition from the moment Olivier Giroud flowed the ball to Kylian Mbappe, dragging the ball from the center of the field to the front of the penalty area, avoiding the players of the visiting team twice. person Before breaking into the penalty area on the left, shot into the first post The visiting team has no right to defend.

GOAL 65 minutes The perfume fled to 2-0 from making the game to the right , Antoine Griezmann got the ball and threw it in front of the goal for Olivier Giroud to win a header first. Despite being hit by the defensive line of the visiting team But relying on strength to hit the ball into the goal

The rest of the time, no more goals, 90 minutes of the UFABET game ended   , the French national team opened the nest to win the Austrian national team 2-0, winning the first match with 5 points, overtaking 3rd place in Group 1, while the warlords of Vienna lost to The third match still has 4 points. Dropped down to the last place in the UEFA Nations League 2022-2023 League A, while the other pair, Croatia won 2-1, Denmark , leading up to the top of the crowd with 10 points.

lineup France national team (3-4-1-2 system): Mike Mennon (goalkeeper) – Jules Kunde, Raphael Varane (captain), Benoit Badia. Ciel – Shonatan Klaus, Aurelian Chouameni, Youssuf Fofana, Ferland Mendy – Antoine Griezmann – Olivier Girou D, Kylian Mbappe  

lineup Austria (4-4-2): Patrick Pentz (goalkeeper) – Christopher Trimmel, Philippe Leinhart, David Alaba (captain. ), Maximilian Wober – Marcel Sabitzer, Saver Schlager, Nicholas Sewald, Andres Weimann – Marco Arnautovic, Karim. Onisivo