Pep is boiling! After the hopes of the Triple Championship, the sailboat was shaken for this reason.

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has slammed his frustrations as City’s treble-winning hopes could be shaken for reasons they didn’t expect.

  Pep Guardiola hopes the Eurovision Song Contest will not ruin Manchester City ‘s hopes of winning the treble. They are due to travel to Everton in the Premier League on Sunday May 14, whiletheir Champions League rivals Real Madrid play on Saturday. This gives them an extra day to recuperate for next week’s semi-final second leg. 

Pep is boiling! After the hopes of the Triple Championship, the sailboat was shaken for this reason.

The Eurovision  singing contest will take place at the M&S Arena in Liverpool on Saturday May 13. As well as Manchester City’s visit to Goodison. Park on the same day As a result. Merseyside Police do not have enough personnel to deal with two major incidents simultaneously. That’s why
the ‘Blue Sailboat UFABET game has to be visited. ‘Blue Toffees’ moved to play on Sunday Giving Manchester City players less time to rest before dealing. The ‘White King played in La Liga against Getafe on Saturday. 

         “I don’t want to be distracted by Madrid. Because I don’t have time,” Guardiola said. “Well, not much because we play on Sunday. Thank you very much.” We have to adapt to it. So it’s okay ′ ′ We can’t play on Saturday. Because there is Eurovision in Liverpool. And we don’t have enough police to handle two major incidents at the same time.”

     “Okay, we have to adapt. What can I do? We’d rather play on Saturdays. Will definitely be more prepared. but it is what it is I don’t want to fight about the schedule anymore. Whether it’s the UEFA or the Premier League ′′ ′′ The Premier League is more important than the schedule is the schedule. From the first day I felt it and it will not change, positively, we have another day to recover for the Everton game. “So we prepare like this. One day less for Madrid But one more day for the Premier League and that’s good.

         Manchester’s tight match schedule City for the remainder of the season will see them play at least six games over the next three weeks, including the FA Cup final against Manchester United on 3 June. La added: “We will see (regarding the player’s condition), we have five days after four. We will look at the team tomorrow. Talk to rheumatologists and staff and make a decision. There are many games to choose from or not to choose from. Maybe people don’t believe me. But I rely heavily on all of them. But there are players in certain moments that are very important for us.